However below are some questions which comes to your mind

✓ No Ads in search results page! is that true?
Yes. No ads on the search results pages are visible that's the strength in any package

✓ Can I upgrade service plan at any time?
Yes. Depends on the increase on number of pages, we will suggest you to make changes.

✓ Can I cancel any time?
Yes. However we suggest you to inform us a month before as these contracts are half yearly/Yearly basis. Just send a email with registration ID and we will call you in 24hrs

✓ What types of payment modes do you accept?
We have multiple options to do with. You can do with net transfer/DD/PayPal/RuPay(coming soon)

✓ Lets say if I have 2 websites, can I create multiple search services within a single account?
Yes, you can do that with registered email ID. However there will be 2 different registration ID's. We will create separate internal account for each site search service. All of your accounts can share the same e-mail address, but usernames have to be different.

✓ What is indexing?
Indexing is a process where the search engine checks your website for new and changed pages and updates the search database accordingly. Your first-time indexing is very important, because it actually creates the search database. Subsequent re-indexing ensures that any changes to your website since the previous indexing are included.

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